Safe Journeys

  • littering on the tramway line
  • crossing the tramway line from non-designated areas
  • entering a restricted area
  • interfering with the operation of the tramway or taking any action that would compromise the safety of the tram or the infrastructure
  • crossing the red light at the junction with the tramway and blocking the tramway without permission.
  • Do not cycle on the tracks as wheels may get stuck in the rail gap
  • Where trams run along the road, avoid following the rails to make sure they do not lead to a route reserved for the tram.
  • Be extra careful where a track crosses the road as tram road users have their own traffic signals.
  • When crossing the tracks, always check your surroundings and consider dismounting and crossing on foot.
  • You must not enter a road, lane or route reserved for trams.
  • Always give way to trams. Be extra careful where a track crosses the road as trams have their own traffic signals and maybe permitted to move when you are not.
  • You must not stop or park your vehicle where it would get in the way of trams or where it would force other road users to do so.
  • Look out for pedestrians, especially children, running to catch a tram, getting off a tram or bus or crossing the road.
  • Always cross the tracks using a pedestrian crossing and pay extra attention when the tram is approaching.Always look in both directions before crossing the tracks. Avoid using headphones or mobile phones near the tram.
  • Tram corridor is fenced to prohibit crossing.


Here are some rules to keep safe.

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