RTA bags BGREEN’s Most Sustainable Entity regional award

Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has won BGREEN’s Environment and Energy Sustainability Award in the category of (Most Sustainable Government Department of the Year) in the 3rd edition of these prestigious regional awards.

To this effect, a grand awards distribution ceremony was recently held by organizers CPI Media Group at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.

RTA’s representative attending the event included Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector cum Chairperson of Energy & Green Economy Committee; Udai Al Deesi, Director of Asset Management and Deputy Chairperson of Energy & Green Economy Committee; and Amair Saleem, Director of Safety, Risk Regulation and Planning; in addition to a host of participants and concerned parties from all over the region.

Abdul Mohsen was delighted with this coveted achievement and said: “RTA’s participation in this prestigious award was prompted by its qualitative sustainable achievements meriting engaging in a fierce competition with about 120 entities from  the public and private sectors across the region vying for top honours in 11 categories. But the RTA has an impressive record when it comes to sustainability, green economy and alternative energy. In this year alone the RTA has rolled out 32 power-saving initiatives in addition to 8 others in support of the Green Economy. Moreover, it is engaged in working out plans, studies and researches to ensure a constant flow of innovative solutions for the sake of sustainability; which has accordingly enhanced RTA’s profile in this field and empowered it to scoop one of the core categories of the Award.

This is particularly relevant as the RTA will soon embark on the trial run of an electric-powered bus which can travel up to 200 km at a speed of 100 km/h. The RTA has also undertaken several programs for curbing negative impacts generated by public buses, minimizing air pollution caused by abras, and mapping out future plans in this field with a view to enhancing the efficiency of power consumption, and protecting the community against any health or environmental hazards.

“Among the achievements of the RTA in the field of alternative energy is the launch in 2008 of ten environment-friendly hybrid vehicles fitted with dual fuel & electricity-powered engines. Road tests revealed that those vehicles had travelled over more than 550 thousand kilometers without experiencing major breakdown or requiring overhaul of major components, meanwhile the experiment resulted in a fuel consumption rate as high as 33%. The number of these vehicles was beefed up to as much as 70 vehicles; which means that we are moving on the right direction towards achieving one of our strategic ambitions,” explained Younes.

“The Dubai Metro project featured prominently in the merits of the Award’s bid considering technologies used to conserve the environment as it is fully powered by electricity. Thus the RTA is not only concerned with the provision of integrated mass transit modes, but is also keen on ensuring that such means are aligned with the drive of our prudent government aimed at keeping pace with the aspirations of the civilized communities for a healthy & safe environment that goes hand in hand with the deployment of public transit means to serve the interests of a broad spectrum of community members, which can best be achieved through adopting a clean energy strategy aligned with the two objectives.

The Dubai Tram, which has recently been inaugurated, is possibly a culmination of these relentless endeavours made by the RTA and will continue be made in the years ahead. More info

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