Dubai taxi fleet to expand with 500 taxis this year

By Majorie van Leijen

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is adding 500 taxis to its taxi fleet this year, revealed Adel Shakri, Director, Transportation Systems, RTA.

“Currently the fleet consists of 9087 taxis, this will expand to more than 9500 taxis by the end of 2015,” he said in an interview with Emirates 24|7.

The addition will include regular taxis as well as Hala Taxis, the dedicated taxi service responding to bookings made through the Dispatch Centre only.

“The expansion will concur in three stages. In the first quarter, 180 taxis will be added. Half of these will be regular taxis, half Hala Taxis.

“In the second quarter another 140 taxis will be added, all of them regular taxis. In the last quarter, 180 taxis more taxis will be introduced on the road, of which 90 regular and 90 Hala Taxis,” explained Shakri.

The various taxi companies active under the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) will be able to bid for the expansion of the fleet. The DTC runs its own taxis, as well as franchises 5 taxi companies, distinguished by the different taxi-roof colours. More info

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