Driverless cars, boats, and aircraft key to Dubai’s 2030 transport strategy

Dubai: One in four journeys in Dubai will be driverless by 2030, under the government’s plans.

And this goal will be achieved by fully autonomous buses, the metro, boats, trams, taxis and even autonomous aircraft.

Behind the push to make Dubai the world’s leader in autonomous transport is the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the emirate’s transport regulator.

“The Government of Dubai is leading the transition to driverless mobility in Dubai,” Mattar Al Tayer, the RTA’s director-general and chairman, said in a speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai. “Whereas in other cities and countries, it is the private sector that leads the process.”

Instead of being merely plans on paper, the RTA chief said that some of Dubai’s public transport goals were well under way.

Last year, 8.8 per cent of journeys in Dubai were made on the driverless Dubai Metro — more than 600,000 riders every day. The RTA expects that number to reach 12.2 per cent by 2030.

Serving alongside the metro is the Dubai Tram, which will in the future be fully driverless.

By 2030 6.4 per cent of journeys will also be made by driverless buses. More info

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